The Three Minute Heroes team have been absolutely flat-out working on the music video phase of this incredible pilot project (exciting news about that very soon), but in the meantime we’ve also been busy with a certain little concert…

Over the years there have been many amazing gigs at Hull’s famous FRUIT venue on Humber St – but perhaps there has never been a gig as important as the recent Three Minute Heroes afternoon concert where the venue was packed out with young people from 7 seven schools across Hull, all their teachers, parents and friends and of course everybody involved with the Warren. The vibe was wonderful, we had live murals being drawn by young people, delicious food, filmmakers recording the day and – of course – those amazing songs written by young people and performed by just some of the amazing artists who have supported this project with their energy, creativity and compassion.

The gig kicked off with a powerful performance by The Fronteers performing ‘Mama’s Boy’ followed by the Quicksilver Kings who played the fantastic ‘I want to be a Human’ – and just as they finished, young Josh from Priory Primary stepped forward from the crowd and said to the band “I wrote that!’… what an amazing moment that was. The band immediately got Josh to jump up on stage for a photo and praised him for his brilliantly creative writing. Lead singer Keith Hagger said “They’ve all got amazing imaginations. We loved putting Josh’s words to music and recording ‘I want to be a Human’ – it was a real privilege!”

Next up came Serial Chiller with the amazing song ‘Bed Mood’ which was written by students at Withernsea High and they really blew the roof off with their incredible energy – and there are only two of them! How can two people make a noise that loud??!!

The final act was Crooked Weather who played the incredible track ‘Skeletons’ and we thought that was it until two young girls from Ings Primary stormed the stage and thanked everybody for coming before screaming Three Minute Heroes at the top of their voices. Those girls brought the house down – which is exactly how it should be, because Three Minute Heroes is all about them!

But this is only the beginning….

Coming soon – Three Minute Heroes music video national TV premiere; the Three Minute Heroes ‘Silent Conference’; and the Three Minute Heroes documentary!