Three Minute Heroes would never have been possible without the 100+ amazing young people and brilliant teachers of the following great schools in Hull and East Yorkshire who have so far taken part:

Priory Primary
Ings Primary
St Mary’s College
Malet Lambert
Pearson Primary
Kelvin Hall
Withernsea High


The Three Minute Heroes Creative Team

The Three Minute Heroes Creative Team chops and changes according to what is needed! Coordinating everything is The Warren’s JJ Tatten, Stewart Baxter and Ysabelle Wombwell. The current Three Minute Heroes Creative Team consists of our creative writing tutors Lou Duffy-Howard, Redeye Feenix and Christina Lewis, our counsellors Emma Wilkinson, Julie Chapman and Anita Mennell; our Big Music Volunteers Jodie Langford, Ciara Draper, Frankie Winchester, Danny Laughton and Elliott Bayley. Plus we’ve had photographic support from Piotr Korcznski, blogging and workshop support from Scott Sowerby; and film support from Jody Moore at AOO Productions and our superb documentary film partners Katie Sunlay and Amy Charles from FlyGirl Films.

Pat Pretorius – Lead Producer, Recording and Mix engineer
Chris Cleaveland – Assistant recording engineer at AOO Studios
Alexander Blythe – Assistant recording engineer at Hull Uni studios
Lee Smith at Greenmount studios – Recording engineer for Chambers
Dan Spooner – Recording and mix engineer for Waste of Paint

They too are all Three Minute Heroes!