The fact that you are now reading this means you are already a Three Minute Hero – because you’ve come to find out more. You are now part of a conversation and a movement to give young people a true means of creative expression. The Three Minute Heroes want people to feel comfortable and open when talking about mental health, how they’re feeling, what help they might need and what that help should look like.

So much is written about young people and young people’s mental health – but too much of it is written by older people!

Led by young people through The Warren Youth Project – Three Minute Heroes is created by young people, for young people. The Warren is governed by young people, so we already know the amazing things they achieve when they are trusted and supported to express themselves creatively.

We want to help young people find their true voice – and you can help us do that by spreading the word about Three Minute Heroes.

Thank-you for doing that!

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The Warren, March 2017